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It is my passion to inspire athletes through athletics to reach their goals on and off the court!
Tyrone "Monty" Gordon, Jr.



"I would recommend Inspired Athletics to any parent who’s son or daughter is looking for a little extra help with their individual basketball workouts. Monty is a wealth of knowledge and his passion for the game is like no other. He has a way to bring out the best strengths in my son and points out what he needs to work on in a helpful constructive manner. He builds his confidence and pushes him everyday to be the best player he can be. What I value most with this program is the way he connects with each athlete on an individual level and truly believes in them, and their dreams and goals. Monty is a great person, coach and friend and we are proud to be a part of the Inspired Athletics Family."

- Mary Klabo


"Training with Inspired Athletics has been a positive experience for both of my children.  Both have dramatically improved their ball handling and shooting form while having fun in the gym with other athletes and coaches.   The training that Inspired Athletics provides puts the athletes in situations that challenge them to improve their footwork and ability to create shots that they take in games.  Finishing with both hands, and doing drills that challenge their ball handling abilities has resulted in confidence in their skills and success in their games.  I would highly recommend Inspired Athletics for any young player that has shown a passion for the game, and wants to challenge themselves to become a better player and person."

- Kurt


"Since 5th grade I’ve consistently have gotten better at my game from Monty. He has taught me so many things on the court as well as off the court. We have made a great bond that will last a life time. I’m very thankful for Monty and what he has done for me."

- Mason



"It has helped tremendously in my ball handling and guard skills, along with my confidence.IA lifestyle has been very beneficial and has helped me prepare for the next level."

- Jonah


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